July 11, 2011


So on our way home from the Jensen Family Reunion in Lodi I got a call from my sister wondering when we were going to pay her a visit (she's been married for 2 years and living in Provo, and lived there for a while before that ... and I have yet to visit her). Anyway, shortly after Chris and I decided to go right away. 2 hours later we were on our way to Utah (which is a miracle in itself, I usually take a whole day to pack)

Here we are somewhere between Salt Lake City and Provo at sunrise.
After crashing for a few hours we packed a picnic and headed to Bridal Veil Falls.

Afterwards we took another nap. Hey, we were tired.

The next morning we headed to Provo High to watch the hot air balloons take off. (Oh this all took place at 5:30 PST ... a little tidbit of info far ya)

a little bit of chaos ensued.

Afterwards was the 4th of July parade. Brody was so cute. He kept helping Marley see the "princesses".

Boating. I'm sorry but I'm going to brag. Our three kids innertubed, yeah, even Marley got on the innertube ... how cool is that?!

Nothing like the "gentle" rocking of a boat to put you to sleep.
Fireworks with the Worthen Family

Tuesday we went to Rock Canyon Park. It's really just snow run-off diverted to this park. The water was FREEZING. I swear, my kids are crazy.

As you can tell by Dannon's expression, he is really the only sane one in the lot.
Onto Ice Cream from BYU Creamery.

Cali LOVED my ice cream. For some reason though, now she won't eat baby food ... huh.

A thunderstorm rolled in, which we watched from the "Y" parking lot.
Wednesday morning, on our way out, we stopped by the BYU creamery factory to see how the ice cream is made. Thank you Jeff for the tour.
Our last stop was temple square in Salt Lake City. First we took a tour of the conference center.

We were amazed at the size of this painting, which was created for a world fair.
On top of the Conference Center.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun. I can't believe how quickly the weekend flew by. Everything was a blast, even the down time. Thank you so much Jenn and Jeff and the Worthens for putting us up, feeding us, and letting us take over your weekend. You guys were so great! We definitely won't wait as long to take the trek back on up to the land of milk and honey.


JenniferKaryn said...

Love all your pictures. I'm glad you got some better ones!! The park is the Rock Canyon Park I think is the name, I usually call it the Rock Canyon Bowl. It really was the most fun weekend. I love the picture of Cali eating ice cream...does she really not eat baby food anymore??? What do you expect. BYU Creamery Chocolate ice cream is the BEST!