July 11, 2011

6 Flags

We went to 6 Flags recently with the Shumways and had a blast!

No benches available to feed Cali ...

Such a big girl ... riding Dumbo all by herself. I thought it was like Disneyland. I squeezed on the elephant with her, my knees touching the front the space available. Then the ride attendant came to me and told me I was too big to ride. HAHA! Apparently they don't care to have adults accompany their children.
Waiting for the Dolphin show to begin.
After waiting in line for nearly an hour, and being surprisingly excited to ride the Boomerang, he was turned away. Barely too short. So he settled for this boat ride instead. I think he liked it enough.

Inside the butterfly atrium. We weren't able to catch a butterfly in motion, but it was pretty cool. Here Brody's trying to catch the "Blue Butterfly"
Some of the smaller kids took turns in Cali's stroller. They were getting a little tuckered out.
Rex, Marley, and Jordon
The whole gang
After the previous pictures the Shumways left us. We decided to go see the "Shouka, the Whale" show. We sat in the "Splash Zone" which should really be titled the "Soak Zone," we soon found out. There's nothing like have 5 gallons of salt water dumped on you and your family (and including your sleeping baby). Big mistake. Needless to say, we didn't stick around too much longer, we were exhuasted, wet, and cold (by now it was getting later and the wind was picking up and the temperature dropping). Despite all of the above, it was so much fun. Thanks Shumway Family for inviting us!!

On the drive home ... we have one skilled baby.
And some tuckered out children.


JenniferKaryn said...

That looks like so much fun. THat picture of Marley in Dumbo and in the stroller are priceless. I love how she's just kickin back. haha. I haven't been there in so long I'm a little jealous!

Ellie said...

Thats awesome. We LOVE 6flags. We go at least once a year. Its the best for families, there is something for everyone!!