October 27, 2008

Old Greenwood at Truckee

Last year we went to Old Greenwood in the snow. We thought we'd try the fall version. So... First thing we did after getting there ... Lego Batman on the Wii. Couldn't we have done that at home? Remind me, why did we come all the way to Truckee to play the wii?Found a flashlight ... always a good kids toy.
Like father - like son. Man, I love those boys!!
Dinnertime, tortilla soup ... mmmm, delicious!

A little after-dinner snack.
She's always saying "cheese" whenever she sees a camera.
Saturday we exhausted them at the pool, spa, and waterpark at the pavillion.

Sunday breakfast at the Pavillion.
We discovered Kidsclub. You can drop off your kids (at least 3 years old) for up to 1.5 hours for free. So we dropped the boys off and went to the adult game room. Marley watched Mickey Mouse Club House and Chris and I played pool.
We rented a movie from the kidsclub for free. So here they are having some more down time watching Curious George in their room.

On Sunday, no we did not go to church, but we tried to keep our activities some-what Sabbath worthy. So we went on a walk to the park. After we walked to the park and had a picnic we took a nice stroll around the golf course. It was a beautiful day.

Lovely, I know.
I've never seen them go down the slide, train style. So cute.

Dannon loves his baby sister.
Bath time again.
Goofing off in the closet.
It was our last night and we were getting the kids ready for bed. I come into the kitchen and find this ...
There's something so nice about seeing your kids sitting in a row, waiting for their drink of water.
Can't wait to go again!

October 17, 2008


So, like we do on every Fall General Conference, our whole family gets together, has breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and celebrates Brody's birthday. I know what you are thinking ... my poor Mom. Well, this will be the last year that it is such a huge event, so that should make you feel a little better.

Anyway, here's Brody, now 5 years old ... as you can tell. Notice Marley on the side sneaking off with one of Brody's presents.
He was a little excited to get Lego Batman for the Wii. He couldn't believe he got transformers. I can't understand why he's surprised, though. You typically get what you wish for when you start asking for transformers 6 months prior to your b-day.
So the following Saturday we had a combined birthday party for Dannon and Brody. Because Brody is five he got to invite 5 friends. Here they are lining up for a silly relay race.
The cupcakes ... they aren't displayed all that cute because it was so windy they would have gotten so dried out. As it was the candles wouldn't even stay lit. Oh well, the kids still enjoyed them.
Now this is the saddest part about the whole week of birthdays. So Dannon turned three. This is the only picture we got of him out of all the birthday activities. After the party at the park we went home and had a family birthday party just for Dannon. However, we have no pictures to prove it, because I broke the camera a few weeks ago. I know I shouldn't feel so guilty that I didn't get any pictures of it, but I think every mother understands my guilt. I promise you, though, that despite not having pictures, he is loved and wasn't neglected on his birthday.