May 26, 2009

Chris' Birthday Weekend

I told Chris we would do whatever he wanted to do for his birthday. And that's what we did, all weekend long.

First we hiked to Hidden Falls in Loomis.

Marley and Chris bonded quite a bit on this hike. She kept grabbing his head, turning it, and then point out something. Really all she was doing is repeating back something that Chris had just told the boys. It gave us quite a few smiles anyhow.

The destination ...

Viewing deck

Something about this all reminded me of Dinkey Creek, even the part when Brody fell in the water.

And the part when we crossed the creek on rocks. Here I am saying, "I'm not falling in. I'm not falling in."

Getting our feet a little wet...

Heading back. We took a few short cuts, which ended up being steep hills.

Yes I wore sandals.

Hiking is so hard on Marley.
If you look closely, you can see that even Marley is in this pic.

That night Chris decided he wanted to go to the beach the next day ... so we went. Here we are at Dorans Beach.

These past two days were a little exhausting for the kids.
We spent the night here.
Then headed back to the beach on Monday. We first hiked to Shell beach. We got half-way down the hill and decided it probably wasn't the best beach for the kids. So we turned around. It was gorgeous though.

We ended up at Goat Rock Beach.

He was a little excited about all the cool rocks he was finding.

Isn't she getting big?
So Dannon fell in the water and soaked his pants, hense he doesn't have pants on.

From the beach, we went straight to Jake and Em's for some swimming and Memorial Day bar-b-que. The camera got packed away though and so we didn't get any pics. So sad. Anyway, it was a great weekend, don't think we'll ever forget it. Happy Birthday Chris!! I love you.

May 18, 2009

Multiple postings

There's been quite a bit going on lately. I also took pictures of Meggie's shower (on Saturday) but I took the pictures with Meggies camera. So I don't have a posting of that event ... :( Anyway, enjoy!

Our Garden

Melons and Chard

Squash and zucchini

Spinach and Radishes
Cherry and Big Boy Tomatoes


Sunflowers against the fence, flowers (don't remember what we planted), yellow and red bell peppers.
It is so much fun for all of us watching everything grow.

Jeff's Graduation

I have to say that I am extremely proud of my brother Jeff.