September 25, 2009

Marley's 2!!

The cupcake pyramid.

Elizabeth's new trick ... using those flubby muscles in her legs!
A little scared of Grandpa
Can a guy ever get enough tools ... I don't think so.
(Disclaimer: Marley started off looking so cute for her birthday party, but after playing in the sandbox, eating pizza, wetting her pants, and ending up having to wear a pair of her uncles underwear for shorts - let's just say she didn't look her best)

The boys were very excited about the pictures they colored for her.
She picked out her wrapping paper.
I'd say this little toy was the big hit.
Putting the phone in her purse.
Sadly, this wasn't as much of a hit. My mom made her an apron that we've both been pretty excited about. We thought she would LOVE it. Not yet, but she soon will.

This is her flying position.
If you look closely you'll notice a small box of candles on the fireplace. She decided to take a bite out of one.

After things had wound down a bit the adults were sitting at the kitchen table and through the family sliding door, and my parents bedroom sliding door and through the curtains, we were able to see Marley sitting in my dad's chair all by herself, having a conversation with a princess.
Marley's toys have been quite a hit with Dannon too. He loves the babies diapers and the cell phone.
Attempting to diaper her Tinkderbell doll.
Dannon is such a sweet big brother.

September 21, 2009

Just Another Day ...

"Homework Time"
Well, not really, but Dannon and Marley seem to get real serious
about their "homework", so that's what I call it.

Here Marley is studiously pulling all of the crayon wrappers off.

Dannon actually is working on homework.

And then off to bed. Doesn't he look comfy?

And what's with the hands?

September 11, 2009


Chris was outside mowing the lawn and needed a good-night kiss.
Kristen sent Marley an early birthday present. I had to let her open it.

It's not the best footage, but I think it's pretty cute anyway.

September 1, 2009


We headed up to Meek's Bay in Tahoe for a family day trip.
Marley and my dad.

My mom and Marley.

Easy on Sunday morning ... I love times like these.
And then I head into the kids room to find Dannon and Marley reading together - so sweet.
August 24th: Brody's first day of 1st grade. I can't believe he's going to school all day now. My baby is growing up!
And today was Dannon's first day of Joy School! Isn't he getting big?!

Reminder: if you want to be on my safe list and haven't sent me your email address yet, you have until mid-September before I go private.