January 28, 2010

New Blog...

Jenn, my mom, and I are doing a new blog for fun. Check it out. www.makingaroux.blogspot.com

January 27, 2010

Help please ...

So I want to start shopping at Trader Joe's. I have never shopped there before and I need some direction. What food do you like from Trader Joe's? I need some ideas of whats good there so I'm not so overwhelmed when I take the plunge. I've been told that the freeze-dried banana chips are good. Any other ideas?

January 12, 2010


About to get in the bath ... she ate a lot for dinner that night.
Aaaaaaaaand after the bath ... Chris and his princess. (by the way, she's saying "cheese")

January 6, 2010

So long 2009!

It's funny how every year, come January, I am again amazed at how fast the past year came and went. Guess it’s true … the older you get, the quicker time flies by. Nothing extraordinary or life altering has taken place this last year, but our days have been filled little laughs and small milestones. It has been a wonderful year. It truly is the small things in life the make it meaningful.

So the first small thing in our life is Brody. He’s in first grade, and progressing quickly. While being a little talkative (if you didn't catch the sarcasm - that's an understatement), he somehow manages to be in the top of his class. He has a sweet heart, a left brain, and an eagerness to please. I think he's about the best big brother around, well at least to Marley.

Another small thing in our life is a bundle of energy. Dannon, in a few terms, is curious, hands-on, slightly stubborn, mischievous, and, in a nutshell, Chris reincarnated. We love watching his mind work, and seeing him smile as he discovers us watching.

And then there’s Marley, the smallest of all our “things”. Our little princess is literally that. She's made of a little bit of sugar and a lot of spice ... just what Chris ordered. She definitely rules our roost and we are more than willing to let her.

As for the two of us, we’ve been married for 8 years now and are happier than we’ve ever been. Chris has begun his fourth year as an insurance broker. We feel very blessed to have made it through the first three years and are excited for the upcoming one. I enjoy being a stay-at-home mom, and feel very fortunate to be able to do so.

All in all – life is good.


Viewer beware ... you are about to participate in photo overload!

Decorating our Christmas tree...

Popcorn and hot chocolate for snacks ...
The end result. Don't judge. I had forgotten that I threw away the majority of our Christmas ornaments last year after Christmas, which was a little disappointing for the kids. What's more sad though, is that I never took the time, nor did I really want to spend the money, to get new ones. So this is about as good as it got for the holiday season.

One Family Home Evening we jumped on the Aker's Train for a ride through Dovewood Court to see the Christmas lights ...
Chris was there too!

I was giving Marley a little trim ... who couldn't resist taking a picture of that body!

Ready for church ... Christmas Sunday.

For Family Home Evening we had the family over to decorate cookies ... the kids rotated between playing and decorating...

The guys just snagged Carl's Jr. and watched a movie.

Santa paid the kids a visit!

I had fun this year making the kids Christmas pajamas that we let them open on Christmas Eve.

Ready for bed!
We had a secret santa this year (Jake and Emily). It was so much fun for the kids. There was so much anticipation waiting for that knock every night. Chris and I had a blast playing stake-out, trying to figure out who it was. Anyway ... here are the notes left for us with the goodies. We taped them to the kids bedroom door.

Christmas morning! Ready to run through "the wall."
Working away on his Pirate Lego ship.
Guitar Hero was quite a hit!

Over to my parents house for brunch and more presents.

The apron I made for Jenn.

No this isn't Christmas morning. It's Christmas evening, and yes she is still in her pajamas. But isn't it cute how she's playing with her dishes and food!

A man in my fathers ward (sitting behind us) landscapes Kevin Martin's yards. K-Mart was generous to give him 20 tickets, and so we got to go!
The End.