June 22, 2011

Mahana, you Ugly!

Apparently not ... my boys thought she was pretty beautiful (and they were slightly embarrassed by that fact too)

June 17, 2011

Fishing for FHE

Last Day of School Swim Party

School's out! Woo-hoo!! So we've been swimming just about everyday lately. Love it!


Ginger, Tyson, Cali, Chris, and I took a trip to Tahoe recently to celebrate all of our 10 year anniversaries. Couldn't believe we got snow on the way up ... in June. It was pretty crazy.
We went on a little hike to Vikingsholme Castle.

Played a lot of hearts.
Chris took his little sis on a bike ride.
Walking around the shops.
It was a blast. Tons of fun, movies, good food, and good company! Can't wait to go again!!

Sleepy Time

My kids have been crashing everywhere lately. I think summer fun is starting to get to them.


I love that my kids are old enough to do chores now. I mean, I seriously love it.


Memorial Day Weekend

Jenn and Jeff came into town for the holiday. It was such a blast. I really should've just labeled this post "JENN!!" We love it when she's in town.

Jenn decided that Marley needed to take a few laps around the backyard to work on that womanly figure of hers.

I totally love this little table. I think everyone needs to have one.
Nothing like the taste of carpet.

We all brought our dogs over WAY too much. Sorry Mom.
Saturday we went on a little hike to Hidden Falls.
Yes, even Lucy came.

All the kids and Chris (he was really just in it so Cali could be in the picture) but let's face it, he really is one of the kids. :D Love you Chris!
Can I say beautiful?!

These two are so cute together!
High ho, high ho, it's off to work we go ...

At the Falls.
Awe, so cute!

She got a little sleepy.

On Memorial Day Jeff and my Dad went to the park behind their house and mowed out a baseball diamond for us to play on. The landscapers weren't too thrilled about the whole idea, but it was seriously awesome. The pics don't do it justice.