January 19, 2011

Cali's 1 Week Pics

Just had Cali's pictures taken. She didn't want to be disturbed and slept through just about the entire photo shoot.
One of the few with her eyes open.

January 18, 2011

Cali Lorraine

Okay, brief overview of how Cali was born.
2 1/2 week before due date: Head down and weighing approximately 7 lbs 13 oz by ultrasound ... hello doctor - that's a big clue!!
1 week before due date: Cali turned and was now breech, scheduled c-section for Jan 4th, day after due date.
On due date, Jan 3rd, ultrasound confirms that Cali turned once again and was head down, c-section cancelled, induction scheduled for the 11th.
Jan 7th: I took 3 TBS of castor oil - which was horrible. Contractions start a few hours later. Go to the hospital at midnight. Stay a few hours and I'm in early labor ... sent home.
Slept the 8th away.
Woke up at 4:30 am on the 9th to a bad contraction and my water breaking. That was a shock, because I have had to be induced every time in the past. Anyway, got to the hospital ... I was at a 3-4. Got an epidural right away. Cali was born at 11:59 am.

9 lbs 8 oz
She was only consolable when she was holding someone's hands.

The gang.

Getting ready to go home.
Aaaaaaaaand weeeeeeeeeeeee're out of here!!!

Cali's first bath at home ...
She loved every minute of it.

She was so relaxed that as soon as it was over she wet herself ... and me, right as I was taking this picture.
This past weekend my cousin Kristen, her daughter Sadie, and my Aunt Karyn came to visit. It was a blast.
My aunt learning how to crochet.
Kristen and Cali
Marley and Sadie

January 17, 2011


To sum up December is Christmas ... obviously. There are a few random pics in here, but overall, this post is just Christmas festivities.

Having a "pizza party" while dad puts up the tree.
Brody demonstrating his latest trick.
Marley taking a stab at the splits.
Still putting the tree up.
The kids decorating Christmas cookies ... the tree is probably getting lit right about now.

Reading scriptures one evening ... I guess Dannon thought I looked pretty fluffy/comfortable.
Surprise visit from Santa one evening.
Riding on the Akers train in Dovewood Court for FHE.

We had our very own Christmas Eve dinner.
The settings on the camera got messed up some how, so this is the only picture that turned out at the Ripples house on Christmas Eve.
The kids got to open a present early. Brody said "I don't want it if it's pajamas."
Leaving treats for Santa ... in their new pajamas.
Christmas morning ... about ready to break through the wrapping paper wall.
The kids had so much fun buying each other presents this year.

That aftermath.

Woops ... we forgot to move Santa Christmas morning ... still it was shocking how quickly Santa moved along.
At Grandma & Grandpa's Christmas day ...
It was an exhausting couple of days.
We had a little photo shoot with Gage ... these are just a few of many.

Game time.