July 13, 2009

Time for a long update!

For the Fourth of July we joined the Dees side of the family for the annual Roseville 4th wards breakfast at the park, which always includes a kids parade. Marley is already getting picked up by the local boys. Dad had better watch out!!!
Marley helped Dannon around quite a bit.
Our speed racer.

While Jenn, Mom, and I were out shopping for clothes for the upcoming festivities, Chris took the boys out for some guy time. They ended up at the Air and Space Museum.

Friday morning, the 10th, a friend of mine and I put the wedding cake together. Luckily, the same weekend, the Shumways were in town. So Chris took the kids to play with their cousins in Roseville while I finished up Jenn's wedding cake (pictures at end of post).

July 11th, Jenn and Jeffrey's wedding day. Here the kids wait outside the temple, a little grumpily I might add.
The beautiful bride and groom.

Matty now has to compete for Jenn's love. Oh what is he going to do?!!!

So, in between the wedding and the reception, while I helped my mom get the house and yard ready, Chris again played with his sister and her kids. Here they are at the Shumways.
Jordon and Marley.

Party Time!!
My cake ... honestly, I am so proud!

Marley Rose and Sadie Rose

From right to left: Kristen Jane, Sadie Rose, Marley Rose, Melanie Jane
Time out.
Grandpa trying to make time-out time a little bit better.

Side Note: Who needs a camera anymore ... all of these pictures were taken with Chris' phone. Crazy huh!