June 29, 2009

Another hike ....

We attempted to hike to University Falls but apparently we started out on the wrong trail, so we never made it. It was a pretty hike anyway.

We told the boys that we would end up swimming at the falls, which didn't happen. So to make it up to them, we took them to the river by Ponderosa Bridge.

We start them young. How many years before he's going off the bridge ... who knows?
Dannon, Marley, and I watched from the across the riverEating lunch

Side note: this is what happens when you leave two carrots unsupervised.

June 26, 2009

Our Summer Mornings ...

I know this isn't very exciting, but this is what we do just about every morning. Marley is very happy to be holding my water bottle, well I guess we all share it, so it's more of a community/family water bottle. But I fill it up with only me in mind. Seriously, nothing is mine anymore. Do I sound pathetic?

Brody seems to think he's some sort of a tourist or something. So cute though, he has a blast on the bike.

June 25, 2009

Random Pics

We haven't been taking very many pictures lately, but here are a few of the somewhat recent happenings.
Brody graduated from Kindergarten. Here he is goofing off with his friends during the ceremony.
Chris just went on a three day, two night trek. He and his beard had an amazing time.

This morning I gave Marley a bath and all the towels were in the wash ... but isn't a hand towel so much cuter?