March 24, 2010

The Bestest Friend in the Whole Wide World

I miss you a ton! You're my best friend, a great aunt, beautiful, and blast to be with. Hope you have a great birthday!! Love ya!! (I just realized I posted more pics of you with my kids than the two of us ... yeah ... that's where the great aunt part comes in.)

March 13, 2010


So we went down to LA to visit family and hit Disneyland. We had the car packed and ready to go Saturday night and this is how we told the kids Sunday morning ...

Here we are Monday morning about to jump on Space Mountain
Getting ready ....
I'm not sure if Zane enjoyed it or not

I'm positive Dannon didn't. He cried through the whole ride.

Off to the tea cups!

These two were about the cutest little buddies ever - they were inseparable!

The girls and I rode in the pink cup ... because we're princesses.
Speaking of ... we packed along princess dresses for the Marley and Jordan for the princess walk. This was the most precious thing - ever.
Marley was a little chatterbox with the princesses ... I wish I could have heard what she was saying.

Dannon liked the princesses too.

For some reason Brody felt a need to keep screaming at Rex all week. For some odd reason, Rex liked it.
In Mickey's laundry room ... Chris thinks it's funny taking a picture of me in here.

Just about done with Disneyland
The kids loved having maps.

Ginger and Tyson were great babysitters for the little ones while the rest of us went on the rides. Although one time when Tyson was left to babysit, Marley had fallen asleep in the jogger and some random lady took it upon herself to report to the authorities that Marley was left unattended. Tyson was sitting a couple of feet away from her. It was pretty funny coming back from a ride and seeing a frantic lady bringing along Disney employees to check out Marley while Tyson sitting right there. Crazy lady.
This poor little guy ended up with the stomach flu. This is right after he threw up in the line for Soaring over California.

I didn't want to get my hair wet ...

Oh, and this is right after Zane threw up the second time. Marley wasn't a big fan of the bears.
So at this point Ginger and Tyson took some of the kids home and we were left with our two boys and Makenna.

Dannon on time-out. He couldn't let go of our pockets. This was a great way to do time-out in line since we were always moving.
On the Ferris Wheel. We forgot our coats and it got really chilly. The kids do love Dannon but here they were actually all just trying to keep warm.
As you can tell ... I had a blast! I seriously think Disneyland is heaven on earth (sorry for blaspheming)
Waiting to speak to crush ... if/when you go to California Adventure ... make time to visit crush. It is so fun and seriously worth it.

March 3, 2010

Saturday is a special day ...

A recent Saturday we took the kids to Folsom lake for a little bit of hiking, a little bit of climbing, and a little bit of eating. We loved the short-lived gorgeous weather ...