December 1, 2010


About a month ago we went to Truckee ... but I've been pretty lame when it comes to posting things lately - obviously. So here ya go ...

Having some soup for dinner

The kids at the kids club

Brody got bored in the kids club and joined us in the big kids game room.
Sunday we stopped by the Reno temple. It was a little cold.
Brody was our photographer in this one.

Brody again.
Woke up the last morning to snow ... so gorgeous.
Being lazy.


Had a blast during Thanksgiving break. The week flew by too quickly. Jenn and Jeff stayed at our place this time and it was SO MUCH FUN! Can't wait 'til they can come again. :D

The beautiful Emily and Elizabeth
Getting around the couch.

He is so in-love with grandma
Jenn's little buddy
Getting everything ready for the feast. They wouldn't let me do anything. So this picture is from where I parked it on the couch ... for most of the day.

Grandpa giving in to the temptation ... that would be Mountain Dew
Well, at least Jenn looks cute. Jeff, on the other hand, is attempting some Vogue modeling look.

Most of the kids at the kids table.
It was a long hard day.
Grandma and Bo.

The guys are always entertained by silly videos.
Great people, great food, and a great week!

Thank You Land of Nod

For the inspiration...
And mine only cost $5.00 ... thank you very much!