May 27, 2008


Chris' birthday was on the 25th, but it was a crazy weekend. So, sorry Chris, it's a little late. In memory of Chris' recent year and in honor of turning 30, I give you our top ten moments (in no particular order).

1. Agreeing on the name of Marley Rose Jensen. It was quite the battle in our marriage and due to a loving and compromising spouse it was exciting to finally agree on a name.

2. Which leads to the birth of Marley. Birth, in and of itself, is a miracle. So while leaving out the details, Marley's entrance was a miracle too. Those present to witness the event are still baffled to this day.

3. I would have to say that this recent weekend definitely made it to our top ten moments. Going to Monterey without the kids and living it up was wonderful. A big thank you goes out to Grandma and Grandpa Dees, Aunt Ginger and Uncle Tyson, and Aunt Emily and Uncle Jake for making it possible.

4. Number 4 goes to "not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but rather jumping up and down in the light".

5. Finally owning a Jeep. I know that is on Chris' top ten.

6. Finally owning a minivan. Maybe not on Chris' top ten, but definitely on mine.

7. Acquiring new hobbies ... golf and treasure hunting. (Although these are not specific "moments", I still think that they should make it on Chris' top ten.)

8. Being released from a counselor to Logan in the Elder's quorum presidency was a sad moment for Chris. However, being called to be Logan's counselor in the Young Men's presidency definitely made up for it.

9. I think that the Father's & Son's campout was a highlight of the year for both Chris and I.

10. One word - Tahoe. This includes our annual tradition of going to the cabin "with the toys", as Brody puts it, and also our excursion to Truckee. Lots of good memories between the two trips.

Chris, I love you so much!! It's been quite an interesting year. I can't wait to see what's in store for us in your 30th year. If it's like any other, it will be a blast and quite an adventure! I love ya!!

May 13, 2008


His birthday is tomorrow, so following my brilliant cousins lead, I will be dedicating a posting to him. So here's just a few things to describe my little bro. Smart, a blast to hang out with, married well (had to put in a plug for Meggie), a looker, knows his way around the garage, is great with kids, is a good friend, a good example, hard working, and even though I wanted him dead when I was a kid, love him to death now! Love you Jeff!!

May 2, 2008

Brody's Growing Up ...

Whenever Brody questions my knowledge of something I always explain myself by saying, "Brody, I'm a mom ... I know everything." Like, for instance, I catch him in a lie. I know he's lied, he knows that I know that he's lied. Then he usually says, "how do you know?" I reply, "I know everything." Yes, yes, it's a little blasphemous, but mom's can take that liberty on occasion.
So the other day, Brody was pondering the wonders of the world (he does this often). A day with Brody is filled with ENDLESS questions. "Why is the sky blue?" "Why did you marry dad?" "Why didn't you marry me?" "Can I marry Marley?" "Where are we going?" "When Dannon goes to bed, can we play game?" "What's next?" ENDLESS QUESTIONS!!! So in my exasperation I answered one of Brody's questions with "I don't know." Do you know what he said back?! "So you don't know everything." Aaahhhhhh!!! The little peach is growing up.