June 25, 2008

This one's for you Jenn ...

Wii remotes make great toys ... they are full of buttons and the silicone padding is great on the little teeth.

Do you like her little clip? She just started wearing clips yesterday ... so much fun!

This used to be my cabbage patch kid ... but it was a boy. So I put on one of Marley's baby outfits and made it a girl. She loves it!!

She is loved!

June 24, 2008

The latest

Okay, you're thinking "what's that picture all about?" Just a few days ago our sky was a beautiful clear blue, now completely grey. We, in the Sacramento valley, are surrounded by fires right now. My eyes are literally starting to burn a little from the smoke. It's pretty bad. The smoke is so thick, it gets cloudy looking down the street. I'm starting to feel a little clausterphobic from the smoke, like someone's smothering me with a blanket. I'm ready for a little wind to blow this all out.

On a lighter note, and sorry, no pics ... Just last weekend Chris and I got to see Phantom of the Opera. That was a blast and we had awesome tickets. Eighth row back and right in the center - the stage was eye level. It was amazing!!

Just last night we all went jet-skiing for FHE. Chris and I both got to take the two boys out on a couple of rides. It was so much fun. Wish I had brought the camera, but no, I suck.

June 10, 2008


Chris and I were lucky enough to be able to get away for a few days with the couples from Chris' work. When we first arrived Chris and the guys went golfing at Del Monte Golf course and the girls went shopping. Here we are eating out at PF Changs.

Afterwards we went to a seminar where Newt Gingrich was the speaker. I have never previously heard him speak. I was quite impressed by him and even by his somewhat radical ideas.

The next morning we all went to a fun restaurant called Em Le's in Carmel. If you ever go there get the baked french toast. Oh, and word of the wise, split it with someone.

Here's all of the couples in front of the restaurant, about 5 pounds heavier than usual.

From left to right: Heath and Christy Sheppard, Chad and Mindy Watts, Austin and Ashley Bowden, myself and Chris, and Logan and Jaydee Sheppard.

*If you have to go on a company vacation, this is the group to go with. Can't wait until next year!

After breakfast we all split up for a while ... so Chris and I decided to go horseback riding.

Fulfilling a long time dream.

That's right, we even crossed a couple of streams ... aren't we so adventurous!Like I said, can't wait until next year!