July 25, 2008


My Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Rusty came into to town to visit. It's been nearly 10 years since I last saw them, way too long if you ask me. Anyway, while they were in town we decided to show them our crown jewel ... beautiful Lake Tahoe.

Here my Uncle Rusty and Dad are getting ready for snorkeling.

The boys are getting ready to jump off a rock.
If you look closely you'll notice that Dannon has a lap full of chocolate pudding.
Matty and Jake worked on "little Stonehenge" throughout the whole day.

It was an exhausting day for Dad.
Dannon dropped his shorts a couple of times when he needed to go potty.

Quite the popular rock.
Brody was in heaven.
So was Marley.
We had a blast and can't wait to go back
Hopefully next time Chris will be able to come with us.

July 19, 2008

A Challenge ...

Some of you might notice that I posted my testimony on the side. I wanted to challenge all of you who view my blog to do the same, and try to encourage others to continue. In the Ensign this month it speaks of sharing the gospel through the internet. I think that this is a way that we can do so.

July 18, 2008

Remember ... he's only 4 years old!

We were a little surprised when he said "Mom, Dad, I'm going to do a backflip!"

July 16, 2008

Congratulations Tyson!

Tyson graduated from the CHP academy. We are very excited for Tyson and Ginger, even though we will miss them ...

The whole fam-damily

Some proud kids

Just about the coolest fast track car demonstration I've ever seen.

Jordon wasn't too enthused about the cars and helicopters, so she took a quick nap.

4th of July

Here we are anxiously awaiting the Roseville 4th wards parade to start. We love attending their annual breakfast and parade at the park.
This year they had face painting ...

Back in the wagon again

Afterwards we went to my parents house and all the neighbors came over for a bbq

Sorry, no pics of the fireworks ... I was too busy enjoying them

A few more pics of smokey Sacramento ...

The other day I had to go aside and face the smoke. It was amazing how smokey it got out here in Roseville. The weather forcasters had to make a new category of air quality because they have never before seen such bad air. Here is the beautiful galleria. In Roseville 2 of the machines that measure the air quality actually broke down because they could not filter out all of the smoke and particles that were in the air. Fun times, let me tell ya.

July 7, 2008


We went to Fresno recently to spend time with the family. Here we are at the Fresno Zoo with quite a group of kids ...

My mom and Dannon

Matty liked sitting on the elephant

Joshua and Dannon in the petting area

Just about all of the kids trying to touch a sting ray or shark

Just adorable

Marley sat with Max, Dannon & Samuel. I don't think she cared who she sat with as long as the scenery kept changing. She sat in that wagon for three hours and not a peep came out of her.

She started to get a little tired ...


We spent a lot of time at my Aunt Karyn's house.

Here's the whole gang at Woodward park. I bet if you look at
my childhood pictures you'll find a picture just like this of me, my siblings & cousins in a nearby tree.

Sorry Kristen, but the only other picture that I had while we were sitting here was horrible of me. One of us had to sacrifice for the benefit of my blog ... oh and by the way, it's my blog. :)

Loves the juice

Just about the coolest grandparents in the world!