March 25, 2008


So yeah, Dannon had a bad run-in with the sand and had to take a shower. That's why he has his pj's on ... why he has the helmet on? Who knows. We are always baffled by Dannon.

Pretty princess.

Chris helping Brody find the good ones.

March 21, 2008

Yes, two blogs in one day, I am taking this blogging thing and running with it!

So Chris has a knack for wheeling and dealing. He is always getting the hook-ups everywhere he turns. His latest find ... he was doing his duty as an elder in our ward and was helping an inactive family move out of the ward. For a week, much to my frustration, he spent every evening helping this family pack up their garage and ship out. Everyday he'd come home with new toys. He brought home numerous tools, a pretty decent gas bar-b-que, a really nice riding lawnmower, an acetelyn torch, (don't know what that is? ... ask your husband!) a huge fan, and to this day I am still finding new and random treasures in our garage. "So what did Chris do with all of this stuff," you ask. Well I'll tell you. Most of the tools - added to his collection. The gas bar-b-que - trying to decide whether or not to keep for himself. The lawn mower - put $80.00 into it and sold it for $500.00. The acetelyn torch - had a little fun with it making explosions and now turned it into another type of fun - he traded it on for a metal detector. So now Chris and the boys go treasure-hunting at the local parks. So my question is ... does this duty that he performed for the inactives qualify as service? Either way, I don't mind the extra money, and with the metal detector he is about the coolest dad around.

Our latest trip - Truckee, CA

Chris and Brody in our "backyard". You like Brody's jumpsuit, it's kind-of like footed pajamas, all in one.

So this is Marley inside the cabin. She spent a lot of time in the bumbo ...

Dannon, in heaven.